CRV Live in Olympia

by California Redemption Value

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Recorded live at the Doodle Pad in Olympia, Washington on 1/24/2016 by Thomas Moore.


released April 5, 2016




California Redemption Value Olympia, Washington

California Redemption Value is a record by Californian Natives, Transplants and Expatriates made under bliss and duress.

Penny Dreadfuls were songs that lived under drug rugs by Miles Rozatti. The songs are mercurial and indistinct halfway between dark and light.

Tha Pajama Party was Miles Rozatti, David Fitt and Hillary Stone. 4-track teenage ignorance.
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Track Name: I Just Woke Up
I Just Woke Up
From The Longest Sleep
And Now I Finally
Have Something
That's Worth Saying
But I'm Not Gonna
Give Myself Away
And I'm Not a Whore
And I'm Getting Paid
If I Choose to
Risk Everything
On Love
And For the Sake of Her
Yes the Earth
And I'll Let Her
Hold My Hand
Across the World
Over Seas
She Will Be
With Me
And Keep Me
In Good Company
And She Will
Keep Me Safe
If I Can Only
Learn to Listen
To Her
Much Closer
I've Heard Her Voice
For My Whole Life
Yet I Always
Chose to Ignore
Track Name: Magik True
When Your Hair
Brushes Mine
I Become Overcome
You tell me
"Hold out
Until You can hold on."

Will you wait
for me around the bend?
Would you wait
for me?

I'm Present With You
If Only For a Few
Small Moments
Of Glassed Eyes
I'm Blushing With You
Visibly Glowing
From the Light
That Made Us Swoon

Will you wait
for me around the bend?
Would you wait
for me?

I Want My Heart to Break in Two
Each Time I Feel Magik True
I Call Anywhere
We Go Our Home
And I Remember Everything
And I've Gone
Fucking Crazy
How Do I Hold On
To Every Single Thing
You Ever Told Me?
Track Name: They Look At Us Funny
They Always Looked at Us
A little Funny
Like We
Never learned
How to Be
In Preschool
Playing House
And Our house was not
Your house
We only had TV
Like Sesame Street
And Fred Roger's Neighborhood
Begging Us
To Remain Unafraid

Gonna put you in a home
Or in a penitentiary
Or Al Anon
And they will say
"That's where You oughta be
Do you See
What we see?
That boy look like he on drugs
and he look
Fucking Scary"

So you run away from Home
Little boy
Who wants to be a Big Boy
Has Big Boy Dreams
And You
Left all your best friends too
So How
Do you Keep on Believing
When what you think
Is in between
Fantasy and Imaginary?
Track Name: Floyd Cramer Joint
O Poor Child Of God
You Do Not
Deserve to Spend
Your Whole Life Locked
Away in Prison
And Do You Not Know
That True Happiness is Not
Found Out There At All?
But You Could Hold It
At Any Moment
Be Still and Patient
And Slowly Carve
And Learn
How to Come Back to Life

With No Voice and Lost Wits
Call Loved Ones
Before You Choose
To Throw Yourself
Down The Stairs
Let Them Speak Kind Words
And Hear Their Kind Echos
Cause You're Beloved
Blessed and Sorely Missed
So Why Do You Deprive Them?
Of Every Memory
All Your Couldas
And Wouldas if you knew
That You're Making New Ones
So Try to Make Them Fondly

So Fall Back In Love With
The Earth
Then Let Her
Hold You In Her Arms So Tight
Let Her Take You Home
And Carry You Til Dawn
Then Let Her Fix You
The Best Supper
Let Her
Fuck You Good and Proper
All Nite Long
All Nite Long
All Nite Long
All Nite Long
All Nite Long
Her Smooth Skin
Will Show you Where
You Been Going
So Wrong
Track Name: Stark St.
Walking West
On Stark St.
It's 2:00 a.m.
I'm Half Blind
And Full Drunk
On my Last
Night in Portland

And I almost get hit
By a Drunken Prius Driver

There's a cemetery
With Tombstones
Covered in Briars
And a Church across the street
with a billboard sign
that reads
in Big Bold Letters

"Speak Kind Words,
And Hear Kind Echos"

"Speak Kind Words,
And Hear Kind Echos"

The Fuck is that supposed to mean?
Am I speaking
To Myself
A Crowd
Or Somebody I know?
Or am I addressing
An Empty Hall
To Hear My Words
Bounce Back
Off the Wall
And Try to
Chase Away
This Unrelenting Rage?

"Speak Kind Words,
And Hear Kind Echos"

"Speak Kind Words,
And Hear Kind Echos"

"Speak Kind Words,
And Hear Kind Echos"

Speak Kind Words,
And Hear Kind Echos"
Track Name: Gratitude
I've Been Choked Up
And I am still Bitter
But Now Somehow
I'm in Love
With Life

Came Out
Of Days in Dark Rooms
With No Words
That Are Wise
About Husbands and Wives

We'll End
In Divorce
Of Course
All Changes
And Gets Fucked
And That's Okay

Keep on Moving
Don't Stay the Same
Don't Get Fixed
In Space
Like the Way
Your Eyes
Will Gaze
When the Light
Starts to