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CRV LLC Fanclub includes the entire back catalog from Miles Rozatti, Penny Dreadfuls, Tha Pajama Party and California Redemption Value. There will be special bonus releases for all fanclub members including an upcoming special slow jam ep, a set of remade/electrofried songs, demos and some other surprises. For a couple extra bucks you get tapes, CDs and various other knick knacks. Thanks for the support gang.

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California Redemption Value
Olympia, Washington
California Redemption Value is a record by Californian Natives, Transplants and Expatriates made under bliss and duress.

Penny Dreadfuls were songs that lived under drug rugs by Miles Rozatti. The songs are mercurial and indistinct halfway between dark and light.

Tha Pajama Party was Miles Rozatti, David Fitt and Hillary Stone. 4-track teenage ignorance.

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