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For Nahli


Dear Nahli,

When you hear the birdies in the trees
They do sing his name through the leaves
Their sway is the way he'll wave
Listen and close your eyes
All your favorite melodies
And when those leaves're falling down
With We they mourn for he not around

For the best parts of We he carved so easily
And showed us it was not hard to be
Genuine and alive and quick to give
That there a voice inside still did live
That still did live, that still did live

Light of the world sang through he
And this is the glow he graced to thee

A voice inside, it'll ride
By dispensation given sweetly
Reflect the world like he
A swooning tide
Beautiful, wild and free

When the object of love is gone
There's a sorrow that lingers long
But the Love, paramount,
It holds on, sweet and sad
Roses and snow
Planted in the way you'll grow

Ride on, Ride on



From Miles Rozatti




California Redemption Value Olympia, Washington

California Redemption Value is a record by Californian Natives, Transplants and Expatriates made under bliss and duress.

Penny Dreadfuls were songs that lived under drug rugs by Miles Rozatti. The songs are mercurial and indistinct halfway between dark and light.

Tha Pajama Party was Miles Rozatti, David Fitt and Hillary Stone. 4-track teenage ignorance.
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